Become a WorkPuddle Vendor!

WorkPuddle gives staffing vendors access to job orders nationwide, posted by companies in your Industry. To streamline the process for both client and vendor, WorkPuddle's system exclusively manages all activity associated with the successful placement of candidates. So, take control of your earning potential by making multiple placements today.

The WorkPuddle Vendor Process

  • Retrieving Job Orders

After registering your company, take a moment to source through all the jobs within your niche. You can sort and filter jobs by a number of criteria including category, company, specialty, setting, duration, city, and state. This makes it easy to find positions that match your candidates' qualifications and desired locations. When the status of a job is updated by a client, you will see(and be notified of) the change in real-time. As a result, you'll be able to focus on the positions that are still Available.

  • Submitting Candidate Profiles

Once you identify a position you feel is a match for one of your candidates, submitting takes a matter of seconds. Start by entering the candidate's contact information and credentials. Then upload a resume, skills checklist, and any quality assurance documents you want to include. Once uploaded into WorkPuddle, candidate profiles are stored for future retrieval. They can be accessed easily with the click of a button. You can edit information at your leisure and submit to open jobs at any time. Keep in mind that your candidate profiles are only visible to you and the companies to which you submit. When you submit a Candidate to a Job Posting, an email is sent to the Employer Contact who posted the Job. Your Candidate's resume is attached to that email and is also viewable by the Employer in WorkPuddle.

  • Making Placements

When your candidate is selected for a position, an offer will be made by the Employer through WorkPuddle. You will receive notification of offers via email. Then, you simply log in and accept on behalf of your candidate. A Confirmation Agreement is automatically generated, with details such as start date and requested days off. That confirmation is sent to the Employer (and copied to you) as a PDF via email. It's also available to view in WorkPuddle. It's that simple. One down ... and more to go!

  • Communication

The message center allows you to maintain all communication with Employers in one place. You can sort messages by company, date sent, job order number, or candidate name. Some clients allow you to contact them via phone while others prefer to communicate solely through the WorkPuddle message center.