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Employer Friendly

WorkPuddle allows you to take your organization's talent acquisition to a new level without turning the whole process over to a vendor manager. We don't take over your Vendor Management -- we help in a way that makes you more efficient & effective while you manage the process in a way that suits you. WorkPuddle's virtual marketplace is a portal for your current vendors & offers access to additional vendors who recruit & submit candidates with qualifications matching your company's existing needs. The streamlined, consistent WorkPuddle process saves your company both time & money.
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Vendor Neutral

We will never plan to be a staffing agency 'behind the scenes', competing with you for talent & placements. Not only that, but we also will never give 'first right of refusal' (aka 'preference') to one company when that promotes a non-competitive advantage over another company. As an Employer, you have absolute control over who fills your jobs - and by the way, we don't require you to 'pay up front' for jobs that might be filled by a certain vendor. As a Vendor, you get an equal shot at any job posting you see in WorkPuddle.
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Accurate time reporting is critical to your bottom line. WorkPuddle accepts automated time import from your timekeeping system so that the time entries in WorkPuddle exactly match your RehabOptima, Casamba, or other tracking systems. Or, you may require your vendors to key their candidates' time in WorkPuddle. We provide the tools, you decide how to use them!


It doesn't stop there. Quality Assurance, Compliance Management, Document Storage and Retrieval, Team Management, and more ... all in a cloud-based solution. Contact us today!

Use our Cloud-based product anywhere on any device (even a clunky old desktop)

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Are you still leasing somebody else's software to manage your Needs? Or using desktop software. Or even handling it all manually?
How's that working out?

  • Ditch the Leasing/MSP fees ...
  • Ditch the 'in-house-developed-desktop' thing that you can only run after you've braved the expressway (why do they call it that?), 'badged' in at the gate, unlocked your office, logged onto the desktop, and clicked into the 'in-house-developed-desktop' thing only to find out it's 'Undergoing Maintenance'...
  • Definitely ditch 'handling it all manually' ...
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We've been helping Vendors keep track of their workers' Compliance, Documents, Time Entry, and Candidates since 2011. Now, we can help you, as an Employer, manage your Vendors with those same tracking tools!