No MSP Fee

MSP is often referred to as the "all-you-can-eat model" -- like a 'buffet' -- where you pay a set price to consume anything & everything you can. And then you have to figure out how to pass that price on to vendors -- the people who provide the talent to fill your job needs. Is that how you really want to do it? Are vendors agreeable with higher expenses and lower margins to fill your jobs?

WorkPuddle offers a Vendor Management System, a VMS. In other words, we don't 'overfeed' you' -- we provide the tools & you control the consumption.

WorkPuddle understands what confronts you when you're tackling the recruiting and hiring process. This task can be long and costly and presents different sets of challenges depending on the job type. As a solution, WorkPuddle offers you the opportunity to outsource these services to staffing vendors in a virtual marketplace, saving your company both time and money.

The WorkPuddle Employer Process

  • Posting and Managing Job Orders

Your designated users can post dozens of job orders in a matter of minutes. Tailor each job with just a few clicks, choosing criteria such as category, specialty, job type, practice setting, experience required, and location. For quicker posting, clone the jobs that are similar in nature and require minimal changes, and save them as new ones.

The WorkPuddle system assigns each job an ID number which allows you to easily track and manage all positions within your company. Use this or any other search criteria to quickly access and update the status of a particular job. When a job order is Offered, Filled, or Canceled, those status changes are immediately communicated via email, and in the software, to Vendors. They see all your job order updates in real-time.

  • Retrieving Candidate Profiles

You receive notification via email each time a candidate is submitted for a position, and the Candidate's resume will be attached. Just log into the system to see a snapshot of the candidate's credentials and contact information. With the click of a button, view the full resume, checklist, and references. Your Submittal Report, and Placement Report (if applicable), allows you to view and retrieve all candidate documents that have been uploaded by vendors who have submitted those candidates to your Company.

  • Acquiring Talent

When you find the candidate whose qualifications match what you need and you are ready to make an offer, just hit the 'Offer' button. WorkPuddle will send an alert via email to the vendor who submitted the candidate. Upon vendor acceptance of your offer, WorkPuddle will generate a confirmation message and a confirmaton PDF that lists assignment details. Meanwhile, that particular job order automatically changes to "filled" status in your job puddle. An email is sent to all other vendors notifying them of the 'filled' status of that job so they can stay focused on your other current Open job orders.

  • Communication

The message center allows you to maintain all communication with vendors in one place. You can sort messages by vendor, position, job ID, or candidate name. You choose whether to also receive phone calls from vendors or to communicate solely through the WorkPuddle message center.
Once you decide to utilize the WorkPuddle solution, we send all your current vendors notification welcoming them to your company's new and improved process. A number of vendor partners will already be actively working in WorkPuddle, some with which you may already be familiar. If you prefer not to work with a specific vendor, a simple button allows you to block them from seeing your orders and from corresponding with you in any way. The more vendors, the larger the candidate pool, and ultimately more successful fill rates within your organization.