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If you are the first to register for your group, you will be the Admin for that account. Other company employees will need to be added by you after you log in; they will not be able to use this 'Registration' page to register under the same group name or EIN. The Admin status may later be transferred to someone else, at the discretion of your company. You can have multiple Users designated as 'Admin'.

If you are registering as an Employer, you will also be the "Authorized Document Signer" for Agreements and Contracts. This designation may be later changed at your discretion by unchecking the box next to that field on your User profile. You can have multiple Users designated as 'Authorized Document Signer'.
NOTE: Please do not register as a Vendor unless you currently have Candidates on your staff. We do not activate registrations from companies based outside of the U.S, Canada, or United Kingdom. Thanks for your cooperation.


Your Privacy:
Employers: Your name and contact information will only be displayed to staffing vendors whose candidates you have selected for review or who have provided a candidate that you hire.
Staffing Vendors: Your name and contact information will only be displayed to Clients who are reviewing your candidate(s) or who have hired your candidates.

Registrant Details

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Accounts Payable Info

Accts Payable Info:
Your Accounts Payable Details are for WorkPuddle billing or refund purposes and are not displayed to any other users.

Accts Receivable Info (Vendors only):

Accts Receivable Info:
Your Accts Receivable address are for your Employer billing purposes.